Bullet Journal Essentials – Supplies

You've started your BuJo-urney and want to reach a little beyond the basic pen and paper. It can all seem a little bit daunting at first. So many words you may never have heard before get thrown around.Washi, Micron, Leuchtturm, oh my! I'm here to guide you through some of these terms and discuss some … Continue reading Bullet Journal Essentials – Supplies

Bullet Journal Essentials: What on earth is a “BuJo”

Bullet journals, or BuJo's, have taken the planner community by storm. A quick google search will take you to thousands of pages, layouts and incredible artwork.But what exactly is a Bullet Journal?The original concept of a Bullet Journal was for "rapid logging". Which is exactly as it sounds, you rapidly log what you need. Using … Continue reading Bullet Journal Essentials: What on earth is a “BuJo”