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On my journey to a mindful existence, I find that organisation is a big factor in being calmer and less anxious.
I love making things that keep me organised, so a little while ago I decided to start making printables for myself. Then I thought, hey! Why not spread the love!

Here you can get your very own free printables.
No sign ups, no catches.. because those suck!
Just please make sure you check the bottom of this page for the Terms of Use.

This section is really new (well.. my whole site is!)
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So.. how do you get these wonderful goodies?
Simply click on the category links below and you will be taken to that section. From there you will find a list of what is available and a little download button next to it.
It will download a PDF file, which you then print from home. Yep, that easy!
As with all documents, you can resize them through your printer settings as needed, so these make great inserts for planners as well. Just print it as an A5, or whatever size you need!

  • Shopping Lists
  • More to come!

  • Cleaning Lists
  • Oil Blend Tracker

  • More to come!
  • Social Media Tracker
  • More to come!
  • To Do List
  • More to come!

This section includes printables that can be found in every other section, however these are even better because they are Mindful Galaxy coloured!

Disclaimer & Terms of Use
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