About Me

A bit about me

Hey all, I’m Jess!
Welcome to my blog. I really hope you enjoy your time here. 

A bit about me. I was born and raised in Melbourne but have spent the last 3 years of my life on the extremely remote Christmas Island, WA
I move here to be with the love of my life who is now my fiance and father to our beautiful toddler, Luna. 

When Luna was born I struggled a lot with the isolation that comes with being a new mum, especially while being on a rock in the middle of the ocean. This coupled with my pre-existing anxiety and depression was not a fun time. But I survived and that’s why I’m here now. 

The aim of Mindful Galaxy

For a long time I considered a blog to share my passions, thoughts, struggles and successes, and then in April 2019 I finally took the leap and haven’t looked back!

The aim of my blog is to show everyone, not just women and mums, that they are not alone. Their struggles are real and they are okay. 
Through this blog I will share with you everything that has helped me become a stronger and more organised person. 

The Four Key Sections of Mindful Galaxy

Mindful Galaxy has four key sections, which all come together to help us create the life we deserve to live!

Essential Oils

Ever since I started using oils, I have discovered that they really do have a lot of important benefits that are overshadowed by modern living.
My main use of essential oils is using it in my cleaning and mood management. These are two vital parts of what makes Mindful Galaxy the blog it is today.

Essential oil topics you can find on Mindful-Galaxy.Com

  • What they are
  • How they can benefit you, your lifestyle and your moods
  • Safety information
  • Recipes and blends
  • Where to purchase
  • How to join an essential oil membership program

Don’t forget we have a free ebook on essential oil essentials!
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I love organisation and all of the systems that we can put in to place to help us achieve our goals – no matter the size.
My main passion is Bullet Journals, however we don’t just stop there.
Here at Mindful Galaxy we look at all of the ways we can clean, organise and excel in not only our lives, but the lives of our families as well.

Organisation topics you can find on Mindful-Galaxy.Com

  • Bullet Journal Essentials
    Our bullet journal series that will guide you through what they are, starting one and how you can use them!
  • Printable Pages to get you organised – both free and paid
  • Cleaning
  • Decluttering


We all want to achieve wellness, but most of us struggle. Whether it be mental health or physical health, we tend to put it on the backburner and deem our lives “too busy” to take care of ourselves.

Mindful Galaxy looks at ways that Essential Oils and organisation can come together and create an effective, everlasting healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Wellness topics you can find on Mindful-Galaxy.Com

  • Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • Self-Care
  • Physical Health – Coming Soon!


The final section, Self-Worth, is really a sub-section of the previous three.
It is our end game.
We want to provide you the tools, advice and knowledge so you become empowered to the point of believing in yourself.
You are worth every single second that you put in, and the seconds you don’t put in.
I want to show you that!

Self-Worth topics you can find on Mindful-Galaxy.Com

This section is currently scattered amongst all of the useful topics.
Watch this section for upcoming posts dedicated to Self-Worth!

I can’t wait to get to know you better and help you build your best life!

Jess xx