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best supplies for a beginner bullet journal

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You’ve started your BuJo-urney and want to reach a little beyond the basic pen and paper.

It can all seem a little bit daunting at first. So many words you may never have heard before get thrown around.
Washi, Micron, Leuchtturm, oh my!

I’m here to guide you through some of these terms and discuss some awesome stationery options which you may enjoy!


Fox and Cactus washi is hand drawn goodness!

Ahh washi, how I love thee!
Washi is a patterned Japanese masking tape.
Traditionally it is made from the inner bark of a gampi tree, but now it can be found in many different materials, patterns, colours, sizes and textures.
Put simply.. It’s pretty sticky tape. 
While this may sound kind of silly, I can promise you that these pretty little rolls hold a thousand uses! 

In my washi tape dispenser I have some of my favourite Fox & Cactus washi. These dispensers are awesome, they stack as well so you can make a washi tower! (You can buy them here)

Foil washi is always a fan favourite
Thin washi, Wide washi, Sparkly washi. Woo!

In the planner community, washi is generally used for decoration purposes but they can also hold a functional purpose.
Such as labelling, bookmarking, colour coding or to add additional items (photos, cut outs etc) to your journal. 

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Washi, for me, isn’t a must have. However it makes for a really nice addition to your day. It helps mix things up and add some variety to your world. 

Micron pens

I love these pens.
Well when I say pens they are actually a fine-liner.
They come in many different sizes and write nicely. However unlike many others, these are completely waterproof once dry. 

You may be wondering “how often do you spill water on your precious belongings?”.
The answer would be never.
However when you are journalling it is common for you to go over writing with a texta (aka a felt tip marker) of some sort. Due to the waterproof nature of these pens, they won’t smudge the lines or ruin your felt tips. 
I really believe that these are a pretty good buy for Journals! 

Minimal bleed through with Micron Pens

Any good stationery or office supplies store should stock these.
When all else fails, there is always the internet!


My 3 BuJos. Green = General. Purple = Productivity. Red = My next one in line!

This is a word I used to get so confused by! 
I quickly learned that this is simply a type of journal/diary. 
They come in a range of beautiful colours and can be blank, lined, dotted or grid pages.

These are a really popular choice for a bullet journal.
It is what I use and I have 3 in total.
The paper is nice and not so thin that pens bleed through.
You can use any book you like for your BuJo, however if you want to step it up a notch then these are my recommendation. 

You can get these beauties in a lot of places. A popular choice is Amazon

Other awesome colours include Pink, Blue and Black. Plus so many more!


Mildliners will pop up everywhere when you delve deeper into the bujo world. They are great because they add colour to your bujo without being to dark or overbearing.

If you aren’t careful these can have a tendency to show through the other side of the page, but a bit of practice fixes this problem. 
They come in heaps of great colours and are double ended, giving you two thicknesses to use to suit your needs. 
You don’t need to get this specific brand to add colour to your world. Any coloured pens, pencils or textas will do the same job.
Just be sure to always do a practice bleed through first to see if they are suited to your journal. 

Again – any good stationery, office or school supplies store will stock these. I got mine from a store called Bunbougu. (These guys also have some other really cool stationery supplies, check them out if you have the time!)


For many, rulers are a given when BuJos are involved. I like to go beyond that a little bit and I have a circle ruler which I use quite often. (You can buy a similar one here)
Whenever I need to do a circle of any size, this little beauty is my go to! 
You can also get triangle and square rulers. If those are your jam I really recommend it. 
I use my circle for all sorts, from making check boxes to practising mandalas. 
If you’re one of the lucky ones who can freehand a perfect circle, please tell me how!

Practising mandalas is much easier with a circle ruler and a pencil

Pencil and Eraser 

When I am planning out a spread I always have my ideas in mind before I start. Despite this, they don’t always go to plan. (see Exhibit A below). 

Exhibit A
One of my first spreads. It turned into an unusable mess!

At the beginning of my buJo-urney I never used pencils and erasers. The idea seemed time consuming and silly. I quickly learned that if I wanted a nice layout, this was essential. 
It doesn’t add nearly as much time as I thought it would. Once I’ve done my sketch it usually only takes a few minutes to go over it with my microns. 
Another great thing about microns… When I go to erase the pencil lines the pen doesn’t smudge! 

Sketching out your spread with a pencil can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run

Anywhere that sells anything, really.
Newsagents, supermarkets, milk bars (corner shops, if they even still exist!), novelty stores… The list is endless!


Like washi, these are another way to add some variety to your day.

There are thousands and thousands of stickers available, designed specifically for planners.
They are a great way to express your mood, plans and  to-dos. 
Before I started using my BuJo I used stickers daily, since then it has slowed down a bit as I now prefer to practice my drawing. But as you can see they help me express all kinds of emotions. 

Here are some of the ways I’ve used my stickers in the past.

The day we found out we were pregnant with Luna ❤


If it requires pants, it’s not happening!
There was a time the island went 2 weeks without ANY internet!

A big favourite of mine is Fox & Cactus. This store is run by a good friend of mine. I knew Emma before she started this venture with her fiance Tom and it has been a huge privilege to watch it grow and evolve into something magnificent.
All of their products are hand drawn and they now stocks custom washi and pins. I highly recommend you check them out if stickers are your thing!

(Click their logo to be transported to a world of sticker-y goodness!)

And there you have it. A list of supplies for you to check out and get started. Everything listed here can be used in a number of ways, the only limit is your imagination!

What are your favourite Bullet Journal supplies?

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