Essential oil recipes: Cleaning basics

Before I found Essential Oils I never realised how bad the smell of store-bought cleaning products actually were. When I am around them now I get a headache and feel a bit gross. There are sooo many horrid chemicals in those things. A study done showed that the chemicals in household cleaning products can be as bad for your lungs as smoking – yuck! (You can find the article here)
As the mother of a small human I endeavour to find the healthiest options I can, and doterra has definitely given me that.

But never fear, not all is lost! I am here to share with you the amazingness that is DIY.
There are so many benefits to making your own cleaning products, which includes
(but is definitely not limited to)
* You know what goes into them so you know you are making a healthier choice for your family
* You save so much money, and we all know that with rising costs that every cent matters
* Your house will smell great!

These recipes is not only simple but they do a great job. I have not noticed any decline in the cleanliness of my house, if anything it has actually gone up and our ant issue has dramatically increased, something I didn’t even consider when making the switch.

And that is it! Yes, it is THAT simple. Not only that but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. My $4 bottle of cleaning vinegar lasts me 9 lots of cleaning sprays, that’s 45 cents per bottle! Using lemon as my chosen EO, it lasts 12 lots of cleaning spray. That’s only 92 cents per lot.
This totals to $1.37 per bottle of cleaning spray and you are making a healthy choice for your family and the environment.
How cool is that!

Don’t have the supplies? That’s fine! I’m here to help.
All of my glass bottles were sourced from this amazing site.
If you are short on some oils you can pop over to my store and grab a few there.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or drop a comment below.
What are your favourite oily combinations?

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