Behind the name Mindful Galaxy

I have had a few queries on the name I chose for my blog.
Those who know me well get the jist of it pretty fast, others are left a bit unsure. 
Hence why I thought I would take this moment to cover not only why I chose the name, but also to explain why I chose the 4 key sections of my blog. 

Right now my blog holds a few “How-To” style posts. You may wonder if that fits into my overall aim.
It totally does! I want to immerse others into my world and invite you to come on this adventure with me, in order for that to happen I need to cover the basics; lay down the foundations.
From here we can grow and learn. 

This blog is brand new.
6 weeks ago I properly toyed with the idea of having a blog.
5 weeks ago I umm-d and ahh-d.
4 weeks ago I started to write; and
3 weeks ago I went live. It’s that new.

Why did I choose to call my blog Mindful Galaxy?
Let’s start in reverse, the galaxy part is far less interesting! 


I’ve always been a gamer.
Heck, I met my fiance on an online game (Dota 2) and our daughter is named after a character from that game.
Years ago I was in need of a user name on a game and a song by Lightspeed Champion was playing. That song was called ‘Galaxy of the lost’
I shrugged and entered that and used it with no intention of it ever being used again. I can’t even remember what game this was on, but by the time I moved on to the next, I decided to stick with what I’d found.

A modified Dota 2 cross stitch
that I made for Jack in 2016

Over time Galaxyofthelost shortened to GalaxyOTL, and then finally just Galaxy.
It has stuck for years and I think it will be with me until the end, which is pretty awesome. 
Bet you didn’t think that the ‘Galaxy’ in Mindful Galaxy was referring to myself!


1. conscious or aware of something.
2. focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique

Everything I hope to become and bring to my lifestyle. 
My current lifestyle is one that tends to be dictated by a steady flow of anxiety. 
I have tried a countless amount of times to get my life together but it is only in the last 12 months that I feel that all the pieces of my life (and head) are finally starting to fit together. 
I’m not sure if that’s due to the natural progression of life or because I’ve spent 3 decades beating the pieces with a hammer until they fit, but I’ll take either! 

At this moment in time, this blog will be spread out across 4 parts. 
These 4 parts are so separate in themselves yet come together to form the tools and requirements I need to become the best version of me that I can.

Essential oils 

Essential oils were the beginning of my emotional and mental healing Lavender peace + Copaiba in a roller bottle, to be precise.
They brought sleep back into my life and allowed my brain to rest long enough to regain its footing in this world.
Essential oils aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay, but for those who are interested in this aspect of my journey, I can’t wait to exchange recipes, ideas, and stories with you!

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Bullet Journal

My bullet journal was the second big thing that started to help my world make sense.
One blank notebook that helped me go from being a crying mess to a more aware and organised mother, partner and human.
It also allows me to take some time for myself. I love to go sit near the ocean with some music and just relax with my journals.
It contains all of my plans, thoughts, successes, and failures. I hold such a giant amount of appreciation for such a simple concept.

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Island Living 

Luna living her best life
No kangaroo crossings here, only crab crossings!

This isn’t really just an aspect of my life, it is quite literally my life.
I live on a remote island in the Indian Ocean.
It is an undoubtedly stunning place to live with so many amazing natural qualities. 
However, it is also tough, especially isolation. I would love to take you through it all… The good, the bad and the incredible.

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Here we get a bit broader.
This isn’t just physical health, it is also mental and emotional. I definitely have big weight loss goals (I have wedding photos to pose for in 12 months!), but they aren’t the most important for me. 
My mental health, I believe, is the key to my success. It is what will either make or break me, preferably the first!

The best part about living in a natural paradise is that physical health can be done through some amazing outdoor activities. Such as hiking up to a waterfall or snorkelling amongst gorgeous reefs!

And there you have it! That is what is behind the name.

Yes, yes, I know. As an aspiring blogger, I am supposed to be finding a niche. Pick a subject and run with it.
Here’s the thing, the niche I want to explore is spread out on such a large surface that it is really hard to narrow it down to just one topic. 
Over time I expect for goals and focus to shift to a particular subject, however that is tomorrow’s adventure.

For today we will venture forth into this glorious mindful mindset!

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