Bullet Journal Essentials: I have a BuJo, now what?

Congratulations on taking your first step into the magnificent world of Bullet Journals!

From here you can only go forward… or backwards, or to the left a little bit. That’s the glory of Bujos, it’s entirely up to you which way you go!
If you’re unsure about what a BuJo is, you can read my blog post “What on earth is a BuJo

This post will be following the same route as my previous Bullet Journal Essentials (BJE) post (A starter guide), however we are now going even deeper down the rabbit hole!

During this instalment of my BJE series we will be looking at my personal BuJo and hopefully that will help you to develop your journal, your way!

I have two bullet journals. One contains all of my day-to-day and some personal essentials, such as my mood tracker
The other is for health (mental and physical), finances and ideas/diary.

Before we begin I would like to add that this post nearly didn’t exist.
All of the absolutely gorgeous artwork I see in Bullet Journals on the internet is so intimidating.
My Bullet Journal isn’t even remotely close to artistic and gorgeous, I felt self conscious and a little bit embarrassed!
Then I remembered that there are plenty of people who don’t have the skills or time to decorate their Bujos so elaborately, and that is fine!

I needed to remind myself that my Bullet Journal is my story, my life and my journey.
So let me remind you (and myself) again that bullet journals are your own and it doesn’t matter if that’s for an artistic outlet or to scribble some lists.
There is no wrong, only right!

Future log

This is where I write down things that are occurring in the future, as well as birthdays. Here we can write down key dates and add them to the weeklies when they arrive.
As you can see it is quite bare at the moment. I won’t lie, this is one of my less successful spreads. However that doesn’t mean it can’t work amazingly for you!

Other Future Log ideas:
* Public holidays
* Birthdays
* Holidays
* Marathons
* Festivals

Weekly and monthly spreads

The soul of my bujo.

Every weekly spread has a different look, feel and layout. Writing these out gives me an outlet for all my built up stress as well as letting me try new things without having to commit to looking at the same thing for more than a week.

My weeklies did consist of habit tracking but you will see soon that I’ve swapped that to a spread that works better for me.

Other ideas for your weekly/monthly spreads
* Meals
* Habits
* Water tracker
* Exercise tracker
* Small goals

Schedules and routines

I am under no illusion that these are the most realistic of spreads.
Things change, all the time. This is especially true when you’re a parent.
If Luna is sick that throws off my whole day or week. If a public holiday falls on a daycare day then cleaning is easily replaced by a day at the beach.

However, this spread helps me to keep on top of my routines, as well as working as a reminder of everything I may of forgotten (ie stretches)

Other schedule ideas
* Sports
* School timetable
* Meetings


Oh how I love lists. I have lists for everything. My lists aren’t all posted up (I’d break the internet) but here are some of the lists that can be found throughout my journals.
* Wedding – to do and buy
* Boat mail – what i bought and the month It should arrive
* Oils I own
* Oils I want and what I want them for
* Exercises to try
* Yoga videos completed
* Books to read
* Movies to watch

.. I’m sure you get the jist. I love lists and I write lists for EVERYTHING.

This list is my affirmations. Every week I random a number and that is my affirmation for the week. I also do this with my Essential Oils list. Every week I random a number and that oil is the star of my week!

Other list ideas
* Netflix – To watch/watched
* Shopping lists
* Restaurants to try
* Upcoming movie releases

Crafts and hobbies

This is my crafts page. It’s a fairly new one. Here I will track all of the crafts i want to complete, supplies I need, ideas for future crafts and techniques/crafts I want to learn.
I always have so many things on the go that this is already proving super useful!

Other similar pages:
* Skills to learn


A staple to every healthy bujo diet

My main tracker is my mood tracker. It does what it says on the box. Basically I track whether or not I’ve done exercise/yoga, how much I’ve cleaned and then how I’m feeling that day. It helps me identify patterns caused by my lifestyle (or lack thereof), which has been a huge help in getting control of my anxiety. I’ve learned that my productivity that day greatly impacts my mood, sounds obvious but seeing it in front of me is so helpful.

I have also been tracking my weight and centimetres lost. I’m not ready to reveal those yet!

Other things you can track:
* Daily steps
* Hours slept per night
* No spends
* Weight loss / weight loss goals
* Budget

Big goals

This is a subcategory of trackers. Sometimes in life we have those BIG goals. My first one is to walk 500km in 6 months. This is a really recent one and with all that has gone on in the last 2 weeks I have failed to keep up. It looks really daunting but I can’t wait to have all of this filled in!

Other big goal ideas :
* Saving – this could be for a holiday, car, house deposit… Anything!
*Read (x) amount of books
* Watch (x) amount of movies
* 90 days without chocolate (even 9 days is a BIG goal!)

Journal – thoughts and ideas

This one is kinda self explanatory. I write out my thoughts, ideas, plans etc in a diary like format at the back of my BuJo.
Other ideas for a Journal
* Absolutely anything you can think of!
* Moods
* Events
* Daily gratitude
* Goals
* Ideas
* What you ate for dinner

Luna pages

My little girl is the reason I quickly stopped caring about how picture perfect my Bujos are.

She loves to join in and be part of those around her. If my journals are within reach she will grab one, go find some pencils and bring them over to me so we can “draw” together.
At first I was really upset and annoyed at her scribbling in my books but now I love it. It’s something I can share with her and when she is a bit older I will get her one of her own. In 10 years when I look back over these I will know that it was something that not only kept me grounded, it was something I could share with my baby girl.

I hope this guide has been useful in getting you started on your BuJo-urney!
If there are any other types of spreads you’d love to see just let me know.

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