My 101 goals in 1001 days

Hey everyone!
I’m here to talk to you all about my 101 in 1001 and give you points so you can start your very own.

What is a 101 in 1001

It is a list of 101 goals that you aim to achieve in 1001 days. It may seem daunting, trying to achieve 101 things, but it isn’t nearly as big of a task as it seems.
Your goals don’t have to be huge, in fact I encourage small goals. I am the queen of procrastination so anything achievable is worth doing, no matter how tiny.

1001 days is just over 2.7 years, which is 143 weeks. Less than a goal a week!
I am a few months into my first round of 101 in 1001 and I have already started to tick things off, it is super exciting.

The best thing about these lists is that you can start any time. It doesn’t need to be a “I’ll do it Monday” or “I’ll do start in the new year.. of 2030”. I spent a few days thinking over my list to decide what I wanted on it and then I wrote it all out. I planned mine so that it ends on my 32nd birthday although that is just how I wanted to plan it. You’re welcome to do it any way or time you like.
This is also another great use for a Bullet Journal, all of mine are written in there for easy access.

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Does the idea of a list of 100 goals still seem like a LOT?
I can see how it would. Don’t worry though I have a few tips to help you make your own

1.Don’t do it all in one go.
Take a few days and write down ideas as you go. Your day-to-day activities will easily help you identify your goals and things you would like to get done

2.Break it down into categories.
As you will see with my list I have several sections (finance, travel etc). This not only helped me with writing the list but it also makes it a lot easier when reading through it and working out what I want to tackle next

3.Don’t set unrealistic goals.
As much as we all want to win the lottery, it doesn’t make for a likely achievement (unfortunately!)

4.The small things are just as important as the big ones.
Trust me, learning to cook a certain meal can be just as rewarding as losing that extra winter weight… Even if they could be conflicting!

5.Accept that you may not achieve everything but don’t let that stop you from trying your hardest!
As humans we live for that instant gratification, but long term success can be far more rewarding!

6.Put yourself first.
This is YOUR list of goals. A 101 list can be a great tool in working towards your personal growth.

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Now that you have some starter points, here is my personal 101 goals list. Hopefully this will help you with some ideas to do your own.
A few were left out for personal reasons 🙂

Big Things

1.Get married
2. Lose 35% of body fat
3. Withheld for personal reasons
4. Withheld for personal reasons
5. Withheld for personal reasons
6. Fit into a dress 3 sizes smaller than current
7. Complete 101 in 1001

Family & Friends

8. Take Luna swimming for 8 weeks (consecutive)
9. Family trip to Dolly Beach
10. Open a bank account for Luna
11. Have $500 in that account by her 3rd birthday
12. Send someone flowers “Just because”
13. Professional photos by my 32nd birthday
14. Measure Lunas height 6 times
15. Take Luna to a zoo
16. Make cross stitch gift
17. Date jar for Jack and I – Complete 25/12/2018
18. Letters to Luna


19. Make a family roast
20. 6 consecutive weeks of “Meatless Mondays”
21. 6 consecutive weeks of “Fish Fridays”
22. Hold a BBQ
23. Reduce coffee intake to one a day
24. Learn how to make muesli bars – Completed 3/1/2019
25. Make kick-ass sushi
26. Learn how to make grandmas potato salad
27. Bake with Luna
28. Make my first ever roast chicken
29. Learn a healthy dessert
30. Try 5 new smoothie recipes

Health & Fitness

31. 30 consecutive days of Yoga
32. 30 consecutive days of walking
33. No junk food for 30 days
34. Eat vegetarian for a week
35. 2 consecutive weeks of breakfast
36. Jog 100m
37. Jog 500m
38. Jog 1km
39. Jog 5km
40. Do 50 “normal” push-ups
41. 2 minute plank
42. 2 minute wall sit
43. Learn how to do a hand stand
44. Start fitness tip jar
45. Don’t touch tip jar for 6 months
46. Participate in 2020 Christmas Island Marathon (even if its just walking)
47. Lose 5% body fat
48. Lose 10% body fat
49. Lose 15% body fat
50. Lose 20% body fat
51. Lose 25% body fat
52. Lose 30% body fat!


53. Save $1,000
54. Save $2,000
55. Save $5,000
56. Save $10,000
57. 6 months of “No Spend” (doesn’t have to be consecutive)
58. Save $20 for each completed item on 101 list
59. Donate $20 to charity for each uncompleted item
60. No AfterPay for 6 months consecutive
61. Set a Christmas budget for 2019 and stick to it!
62. Stick to a consecutive 3 month household budget


63. Visit Rottnest Island
64. Visit Bali
65. Go home to Melbourne for a visit

House & Garden

66. Learn 15 new DIY recipes
67. Declutter every month for 6 months
68. Get shelf for craft stuff – Completed 17/2/2019
69. Start a veggie patch
70. Fix up our teeny tiny backyard area
71. Make a cleaning schedule for the household – Completed 1/1/2019
72. Water the garden with Luna

Craft & Leisure

73. Read 10 books
74. Finish Lunas cross stitches (6 of them!)
75. Finish my crochet blanket
76. Watch Lord of the Rings with Jack
77. New movie once a month for 12 months
78. Learn 3 songs on guitar
79. Go to a stage show
80. Start a blog
81. Make 10 posts on blog
82. Listen to 5 new Podcasts
83. 1 hour a day of me time, once a week for 12 weeks
84. Go fishing
85. Go on a boat
86. Explore 5 new spots around the island
87. Complete Lunas baby book
88. Organise Photo album
89. Play 10 new Steam or Switch games
90. Finish Divinity 2 with Jack


91. Go to church
92. Research online course options
93. Get a part-time job so I don’t go absolutely nutty
94. Do a list of 100
95. Write down an “Anxiety Survival Plan”
96. Volunteer for a community event
97. Complete Oil Planner
98. Use Wedding Planner
99. Withheld for personal reasons
101. Go without social media for 24 hours ten times

So that’s my 101 goals in 1001 days.
I really hope this has helped you with some ideas of your own.
If you have any awesome ideas, feel free to share!

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